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Free Bible

If you would like to receive a free Bible (King James Authorised Version only), please click on the button below and email your details to us. 

We will despatch your Bible directly from the Trinitarian Bible Society.

•    Your details will not be used for any purpose other than administering requests and for sending a free copy of the Bible to you.

•    One free Bible per household - we are sorry but we cannot supply multiple copies.
•    UK addresses only (includes Channel Islands).
•    Please allow up to 28 days for delivery.

Privacy Notice:

  1. We process the following personal data relating to your Bible request: your name, address and email address.

  2. This data will only be used to administer requests and for no other purpose. You can view our Privacy Policy in full by navigating to Privacy under the Contact menu above.

  3. We are required to share the name and address of the recipient with the Trinitarian Bible Society ('TBS'), who process and dispatch our orders of free Bibles and whose Privacy Policy can be viewed on their website.

  4. By emailing us with your request you consent to us storing and processing your personal data, and to it being shared with the TBS for the purpose of dispatching your free Bible.

  5. We will not share information about you with third parties without your consent, unless the law requires us to.

  6. If you do not wish us to store and process your data and share it with the TBS, please contact us by return email to let us know. We will then delete your request and your personal data and we will not be able to send you a free Bible.

If you wish to purchase additional Bibles, or sound, Christian literature please click the following:

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