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About us

Out of reverence to His Holy Name, we address Almighty God, using Thee, Thou or Thine.
In accordance with the Word of God, it is the practice for females to wear a head covering during worship.

Our normal order of service is as follows:

Bible reading 

The 'Old Baptist' Chapel is a Strict Baptist church. The word strict means that it is our church order for only those who have been baptised and received by us as church members (or by other churches of the same faith and order), to partake of the Lord's Supper (or Communion) with us. We believe this is supported by the Word of God.

The Strict Baptist churches trace their origin in England to about the year 1633. They are independent and self-governing. Baptists believe that the Word of God teaches that baptism is by total immersion and to be administered to believers only.
Whilst remaining independent, Chippenham's 'Old Baptist' Chapel has been associated with the Gospel Standard group of churches since 1846.

We use the 1611, King James, Authorised Version of the Bible and use Gadsby's Hymnbook; our hymn tunes are taken from the Companion Tune Book.

The Chapel was built in 1804, when a group of believers seceded from the Independent Chapel in nearby Emery Lane, to set up a Baptist Church founded on the doctrines of grace, and practising Strict Communion. More details of the Chapel's history can be found on the History page.

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