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Our pastor

Gerald Buss has faithfully and lovingly ministered to the congregation at Old Baptist Chapel as Pastor since 1980. 
Through God's mercy he has been enabled throughout this period to declare the whole counsel of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ. 
The generation that called him here to be their Pastor has now largely passed on, and yet we are thankful that there is an up and coming generation that love to hear the same truths preached week by week, and by God's help he continues to the present day.



His ministerial labours take him to many congregations throughout England and also to the USA and Canada. He is supported by his wife Heather and has been blessed with two daughters and a son, and several grandchildren. 
He is the author of several books and has served for many years on various denominational committees of the Gospel Standard Churches, and is at present Chairman of the main committee of the Gospel Standard Society. He was also the editor of the children's monthly magazine 'The Friendly Companion' from September 1986 to March 2017. More recently, he has been elected as Chairman of the Trinitarian Bible Society. 

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